Mission Statement:
Providing horticultural therapy to improve mental and physical wellbeing 
Welcome to Hope Springs Horticulture
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Hope Springs Horticulture consists of three projects across North Nottinghamshire: Sutton Lawns, Clumber Park and Cheapside Worksop.
We provide Horticultural Therapy sessions to improve both Mental and Physical wellbeing.
Within these projects we have created a range of relaxed, diverse, calm and beautiful environments where individuals are able to be themselves.
''Attending the project has really helped me move forwards towards getting my life back on track.''
There is always a positive atmosphere, no matter how low we feel in the morning we always leave at the end of the day with a smile on our face and a sense of accomplishment.  We have fostered the natural development of mutual support on the projects.  It is often easier to express yourself whilst occupied with a task and working with like minded people.
''For me the routine of regularly getting up and going out to do physical work is very beneficial.  Also, the social interaction and friendship supplied by the group is both enjoyable and encouraging'' 
We have the opportunity to take note of the changing seasons.  All too often in today's way of living there is the expectation to produce the same levels of enthusiasm, energy and productivity all year round.  In times gone by the Autumn and Winter months were seen as times for reflection and introspection, a time to recharge our bodies and make plans for the year ahead.  Working in horticulture respects this process and leads to a more natural way of living by following nature's calender.
''Attending the project enables me to get back into the right frame of mind and undertake other activities I would have shunned before.  Overall I enjoy attending, meeting new people and the team make you feel welcome and at ease with whatever we do.''
We work within the principle of Biophillia which is  based on the idea that nature makes us feel good.  This is often taken for granted yet 80% of people in the UK live in urban areas with little access to nature.
Our innate affinity with nature is supported in recent research which links exposure to natural environments with improved mental and physical health.  Natural environments are likely to benefit health in three ways :
·        Providing an opportunity to relax from stress
·        Providing opportunities to be physically active (which benefits both physical and mental health).
·        Providing opportunities to socialise (people with good social networks enjoy better health.
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